Our Approach

At AECA, we approach design through tested and proven methodologies that have been developed and refined over the years integrated with new ideas, methodologies and perspectives.


• Discover

Through our research and strategic evaluation aeca gains insight into your brand identity, consumer base, existing assets, and key market opportunities. Over the years, we have realised that a combination of intuition and research, intangible and tangible, create the base for creating brands and designing solutions. We call this process, unique to aeca, Insighting Brands™.

• Define

Using this knowledge gained through Insighting™ as a springboard for design, a core strategy is developed and project goals are set. A framework for your project is drawn out and brand strategy recommendations are made that fulfill the needs of both, you and your customers.


Throughout the design phase, we review and refine each facet of your brand in response to your feedback, and strategic analysis – an iterative process that ensures full consideration of the visual, technological, cultural, and business impact of design. This language is deployed across the brand framework to create a new redefined visual system.

• Deliver

The solution is implemented and documented. In a number of cases, aeca ensures you quality and accuracy through supervision of production and technical or logistical support when necessary.

• Disseminate

A post project audit is made together with you. In brand and interactive projects, aeca continues to manage the brand/maintain the interactive solution if required.